Herbal Rinses: Part 2

D.I.Y. Herbal Hair Rinses : Part Two

Using herbal Tea Hair Rinses are a great way to supplement your natural hair care routine. Herbal Teas will promote hair growth, protect against hair damage, repair split ends, and cleanse the scalp. Teas naturally have properties that  can make your hair healthy and strong. They can also restore hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss due to stress , pregnancy , post partum , and  illness.

Adding Herbal Tea Rinses to your regime will promote hair growth , strengthen ,and thicken the hair. Herbal Teas contain traces amounts of caffeine that penetrate hair strands. The caffeine promotes growth by increasing the blood flow to the scalp. Herbal Tea Hair rinses can reverse symptoms of hair loss. Along with regrowing the hair they will prevent hair from shedding and breaking.  Using certain teas can also  heal damaged hair and repair split ends.

 If you have dry, brittle , or severe tangles in your hair there are many teas that can help. Herbal Teas have Amino Acids and antioxidants that make hair more manageable. They can  soften the hair , eliminate tangles, and  prevent breakage. The Amino Acids and antioxidants will also soften and add luster to the hair. 

 Herbal Teas naturally contain cleansing and antiseptic properties that will remove toxins , excess oils, and dirt from the hair. As well as cleanse and exfoliate the scalp. This is a great way to remove product build up on the hair and scalp. Herbal Teas rinses will also cleanse the scalp of any toxins or germs that may  cause scalp infections. Scalp infection are not only unsightly but are very painful and can lead to balding.

Conditioning Herbs                                     

Burdock root



Henna Leaf

Horsetail Herb

Lemon Grass

Marshmallow Root

Nettle Leaf

Rosemary Leaf

Wild Cherry Bark

Revitalizing Herbs


Ginger Root

Horsetail root

Marjoram leaf

Peppermint Leaf

Rosemary Leaf

Basic Tea Rinses

Add 1-2 tbsp or 2 Bags Of  Your Tea Of Choice 

 2 Cups Of Water

Bring To A Boil

Allow Tea To Steep For 8 Hours Or Over Night

Apply Tea Rinse Over Shampooed Hair Or Use A Spray Bottle

Massage Rinse Into Hair And Scalp

Always Deep Condition

* Tip use a bowl to catch the rinse and reapply to hair before conditioning *

Herbal Vinegar Tea Rinse

Herbal Vinegar Tea Rinses will to restore hair’s pH balance. Vinegar is also beneficial for oily hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, and dull hair. This rinse is perfect to add to your existing Wash Day routine.

3 tbsp Of Dried Organic Herbs  Or 2-3 Tea Bags

 1 Cup Of  Water

Bring To A Boil

Allow to Steep

Strain Herbs

Add 8 oz. Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Add Mixture To A Glass Jar

Allow to Steep for 3 Weeks

Add 1-3 tbsp Damp Hair And Massage Into Hair and Scalp

Rinse Out

Deep Condition

Chamomile No-rinse 

Chamomile is an excellent anti-septic . It will cleanse the scalp and heal any infections and inflation that may be present. For best results use this rinse once a week.

1 quart of hot water

Handful Of Chamomile Flowers

Bring To A Boil

Steep for 20 Minutes


Allow To Cool

Apply Rinse To Shampooed Hair

Massage Into Hair And Scalp

Deep Condition

Sage Drink

Drinking a glass of Sage Tea a day will promote longer thicker hair. 

1 Cup Of Water

1 tbsp Of Sage

Bring To A Boil

Steep For 10 Minutes 

Add Honey If Desired For Sweetness

*Do not drink if pregnant or nursing*

Black Tea Rinse

Black Tea has caffeine which will promote blood flow to the scalp and cause hair to grow. Along with caffeine Black Tea also contains the DHT hormone. If your body is lacking this hormones it will cause hair . Black Tea Rinse help to restore the DHT  hormone back to a normal balance. Black Tea Rinse will also help to prevent shedding, soften ,and add shine. 

2 Cup Of Water

2-4 Bags of Tea or 2-3 tbsp of Dried Tea

Bring To A Boil

Steep overnight

Apply Rinse To Shampooed Hair

Sit with rinse for 20-30 Minutes

Rinse Out

Deep Condition

*Warning Stains*

Green Tea

Green Teas are is a great way to prevent excessive shedding.

1-2 tbsp Of Dried Green Tea Or 2 Bag Of Green Tea

2 Cup Of Water

Bring To A Boil

Allow To Cool

Apply Rinse To Shampooed Hair

Massage Into Hair And Scalp

Rinse Out

Deep Condition

Herbal Rinses: Part 2
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